Cultural Impact

Cultural Impact develops practical and academically proven interventions to resolve your performance issues caused by human factors.  Our solutions are tailor-made to suit your needs and are particularly effective for diverse teams – bridging cultural, genders, generations, as well as functions and expertise gaps.

To deepen the impact of our interventions and ensure long lasting effect to our clients, Cultural Impact has a blended-learning approach, using in-house self-assessments as well as a virtual platform.   Our E-platform enables us to develop sustainable learning programs and to align with, or even taking over, the training management of our clients.

We believe in strong partnership with our clients, leading us to be involved in their discussions to find options and solutions to their core challenges.  While we are passionate about “people”, our advisors are often asked to contribute to our clients’ strategic planning and organizational structure, given their extensive experiences in running multinational corporates in different geographic locations themselves.