Uhrenholt is a global food company supplying primarily dairy and vegetable products to retail, wholesale, foodservice and industrial customers. Our products are sold in more than 80 countries under the key brand names Emborg ™, Friends ™, and Amigo ™, or as commodities and industrial sales. 

Uhrenholt was founded in 1978 in Denmark and is now represented in over 20 countries. In 2005 Uhrenholt acquired Emborg Foods with the intent of positioning Emborg as a key global brand across the product portfolio. 

Uhrenholt entered Malaysia in 2001 and currently holds a no. 2 position in the Malaysian cheese market. Our Emborg brand is experiencing a significant growth in sales and is one of the leading players in the overall cheese category. 

Strong partnerships are essential for the success of our partners and for Uhrentholt. We strive to add value through continuous development in every part of the value chain. Please contact us for more information.